Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Increasing Conversions with PPC Campaigns

Though pay-per-click campaigns are poised to lead businesses to success, owners often fail to maximise its potential by emphasizing the wrong metrics. For instance, some would rather focus on keyword choice than conversions.

Focusing on conversions provides a solid foundation to an effective PPC campaign that can then convert casual visitors to loyal customers.

Improve on landing pages

For PPC campaigns, landing pages can either work for or against you. With this in mind, create a landing page containing all of the elements that can spur conversions, including a clean design, informative text, easy-to-find buttons, and a strong call to action.

Add special offers

While you’re at it, make your ad more eye-catching by adding special offers, coupon codes, or other offers. By doing so, you’re giving your customers a reason to respond as soon as possible. Otherwise, your PPC campaign will be for naught.

Track inbound channels

Surprisingly, companies often leave one or more of their inbound channels poorly tracked. Avoid doing the same mistake by making sure that each channel is tracked to ensure more accurate conversion rates.

Test continuously

PPC campaigns are a bit tricky, and it’s only natural for businesses to approach it on a trial and error basis. To make the most out of your PPC campaign, test each campaign element, then test each result against the control to ensure accuracy.

All these steps, when done with the help of a PPC expert, can lead to more conversions and bigger sales.

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