Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Long-Tail Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns

Many marketers often don’t target long-tail keywords at all, preferring to enter the market with the same short keywords everybody else goes for. While that is a sound strategy, not targeting long-tail keywords should still be considered. It might be a good plan to go the route your competition is unwilling to take and eventually gain an edge over them.

Include Your Location

Long-tail keywords have three or more keywords. One way to take advantage of this and ensure that consumers in your locale will benefit as well. Use local qualifiers such as the name of a country, region or city. In some cases, using zip codes and area codes might be good too especially if you want a more targeted, specific campaign.

Use Qualifying Terms

Appending keywords with qualifying terms like color, make, model and complementary products is another good idea. Users nowadays tend to be more specific with their search terms, particularly if they are looking to buy a certain product. Just make sure that the root term you use for your keyword is relevant to your business and be careful with selecting the qualifying terms you would actually use.

Check Queries

If you already have a PPC campaign in place, checking queries that your ads showed up for is another great way to come up with ideas. Normally, this will reveal other possible terms you are not currently using. And, it’s great to know exactly what your users want to see as well.

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