Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What Makes Web Design So Critical?

Have you ever wondered where websites get their colorful graphics, stylish fonts, stunning photos, and other elements that make you want to navigate longer? Well, those are the works of a web designer. It’s not just the elements found on a website that make the job of a web designer so special, but it’s also how they are carefully picked and arranged to produce a harmony that makes visit and revisit from the end-users possible.

Attracting Visitors

Putting up a website is all about visits. You want to show off your business, and the only thing that can prove that you’ve succeeded is your website’s traffic rate. Website design plays a major role in this process. If each page of your website is designed with elements and features that catch attention and promote visitors’ engagement and participation, your website’s traffic rate will very likely to increase.


Most prominent websites have secrets to their designs, which regular internet users would normally not recognize. For instance, to catch a visitor’s attention and allow him/her to focus on the most important message you are trying to convey, you can place the key elements on the upper right corner of the page where the eyes normally look into first. You may also choose the colors you want to use to establish focus.


One of the most difficult challenges any business website faces is how to keep visitors engaged. Unlike social media sites that are designed for visitors’ interaction, a business website may not receive such a welcoming response. By providing features that allow visitors to participate in discussions or polls, for instance, you can promote and sustain activity in your website, which in turn may translate in more visits and revisits, increasing conversion rate and sales.
There are other things that a well-designed website can help your business with. You just have to be careful in choosing the website design services you will hire.

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