Thursday, 27 October 2016

Top Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

While a steady inflow of web traffic is a sign that your website is performing well, the real success takes place when that traffic becomes actual sales. To achieve that, you have to make sure that the visitors to your website will be interested in getting to know your business more and eventually decide to purchase your products and services. This is where web design comes in.

Web design refers to the process of collecting, arranging, and implementing ideas that can make a website attractive, functional, and user-friendly. It has five main elements—layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content. There are some common mistakes in website design that you must avoid to ensure that your website will carry out its purpose efficiently.

More Steps than Any Visitor Can Tolerate

If there’s one thing your visitors don’t want, it would be additional clicks before they can get to the page they want to visit. Putting a splash page or a pop-up page won’t do your website any good, since it adds one more step into the process. Before you know it, your visitor already minimized your page and moved to a competitor website.

Vague Terms

When choosing labels for your site navigation, it’s important to consider what your visitors can most quickly understand. Don’t choose terms that can easily be misunderstood or worse not understood at all. For instance, instead of using “engage”, you can simply use “contact us”. That way, your visitors will not have a hard time navigating through your webpages.

Too Colorful and Messy

Regardless of the type of business you are trying to promote, using too many colors in each page of your website is a big no-no. Choose only the colors that can appropriately represent your business. Each color means differently to different people but there’s a psychology to color choice that works. If you use it properly, you will be able to find that color that both makes your website look hip yet professional and attract your target audience.

To make things a lot easier, consider hiring a website design company. With professional services, you can make sure that your website will look absolutely a great place for any visitor. Additional professional web designers can finish the job in a short period, saving you a great deal of money down the road.

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