Monday, 3 October 2016

UK Consumers More Critical to Advertising – Study

Marketing a brand online has become more difficult in recent years, now that consumers have the option to block ads while surfing the Internet. More than promoting a brand, marketers have the behemoth task of convincing users to turn off their ad blockers. This task is even more difficult if you’re catering to UK consumers, says a new study.

‘More aware’ of pitfalls

A study by Adobe discovered that more than half of UK consumers (54%) see online advertising as “ineffective”. This is higher than the number of consumers in Germany, France, and even in the US that view online advertising as such.

When asked about these results, Adobe’s product marketing manager Julia Soffa suggested that UK consumers’ disdain for online marketing may be due to a higher volume of ads targeted to them. Furthermore, the higher rate of smartphone ownership, along with the relative maturity of the online market in the UK, means that UK consumers are more aware of the most common pitfalls in online advertising.

What marketers and businesses can do

Even if UK consumers are more likely to be browsing the Internet in their phones, mobile marketing is still a process of trial-and-error. Marketers are still discovering what strategies work and what doesn’t, especially in terms of consumer attitudes.

This is a chance for businesses to be more creative when it comes to advertising. Dynamic and relevant content is the place to start, as it can cater to these consumers’ attention.

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