Tuesday, 8 November 2016

PPC Techniques to Boost User Traffic

Given the high competition among companies for market domination in London, the art of pay per click campaigning has evolved considerably. More advertisers lack the necessary expertise to establish successful PPC campaigns and earn significantly. Here are some of the techniques that are employed by successful digital advertisers.

Non-Alphanumeric Symbols

This is a most powerful yet least used technique available to digital advertisers in London. The quality score typically determines the cost of PPC. This score is directly attributed to the click-through rate. The higher the CTR, the lower the cost of PPC. Non-alphanumeric symbols influence the click-through rate to a great extent.

Targeting devices

With Apple devices becoming more popular in London, it is imperative to consider that devices are not similar. If you target lower income markets, then being particular on devices is paramount. Mostly, advertisers split their campaigns into device specific divisions.

There is an exemption to this, though. If your site is not tailored for a particular device, there is no reason to advertise it. Chances might be that you are incurring costs for an ad that may never convert.

Use broad match properly

Google AdWords allow not only similar keywords to match but also prompts session-based broad match. To solve this problem, you should implement modified broad match, which requires putting plus signs in front of the keywords that are necessary to form a match. 

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