Monday, 21 November 2016

Small Business Marketing and Backlinks

You only have to go back around 20 years to find the beginnings of digital marketing. Yet, in that small space of time, online marketing has changed out of all recognition, and the signs are it will continue to evolve. 

Although effective digital marketing is becoming increasingly complex, one of the biggest advantages it can offer is the ability of small businesses to compete on reasonably level ground with their national and international competitors – providing their marketing strategy is optimised accordingly.

Where the big players concentrate on products and product descriptions, the small business can get more up close and personal with customers and clients. The use of enticing web design and inbound marketing combined with good backlinks, is one area where small businesses and start-ups can gain that much needed exposure.

Inbound marketing, which requires regular, good quality blog updates to your site, is a great way of personalising your business. That doesn’t mean a list of your latest products or services, but more personal content your clientele can relate to.

For instance, if your niche business is designing and producing costume jewellery in London, a blog post of a night out, with a few photos of you decked out in your latest creations, may entice customers old and new to your site, with the right backlinks.

Where to put the banklinks, is the clever bit. Using the above example, a backlink on your personal or business social media page to that latest blog, may be all that is required. However, if you run a small engineering business in London, and have posted a blog on a new machining process, backlinks to the web sites of material suppliers or regular London customers will likely prove more effective.

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