Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

Negative keywords play an important role when developing a PPC campaign. A list of such keywords can help you increase the ROI of your PPC ads considerably but may businesses don’t dedicate resources to creating it. When hiring a London PPC expert, one of the services you can expect is a strong negative keyword list. These keywords are the terms and phrases that trigger your ad to show up in search results even when they do not meet the consumer’s needs. For each irrelevant click, you lose money, and that can deplete your advertising budget very fast.

Filter Search Queries

Creating a negative keywords list starts by eliminating irrelevant phrases using common search queries. Advertising for broad queries can get you in trouble when it comes to your ad spend. For instance, using the keyword “shoes” in your PPC ad may trigger a lot of irrelevant clicks such as women’s shoes, children’s, shoes, running shoes and so on. However, “men’s leather shoes” will ensure that only the right target audience clicks on your ad. The other terms that don’t relate to you specific ad can fall into the negative keywords list.

Creativity Pays

Don’t limit yourself when looking for negative keywords. Envision consumers and what they would search for that could trigger your PPC ad. One way is to conduct searches using different terms and see what pops on the first pages, filter out all the terms that don’t relate to your ad and include them in the negative keywords list. A PPC expert can as well utilise online tools to find negative keywords.

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