Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Effects of Online Video Ad Growth and Changes on Digital Marketing Agencies

The market for digital video advertising on news websites and social media in the UK is projected to grow annually by almost 25% for the next two years. Some of the reasons for this growth are the continued increase in smartphone owners, faster 4G Internet services, and positive feedback to interesting videos on the Internet.

Furthermore, Facebook is planning to make some changes in its online video advertisement approach. Internet video’s growth and changes have significant effects on digital marketing agencies in London.

Growth of Online Video Ads in the UK Media Market

Online video ad revenues are expected to surge in the UK. PwC published its Entertainment and Media Outlook report which stated that video ads on social media and news websites will increase from £316m in 2014 to £717m in 2018. Online video is the fastest growing segment of all advertising forms. Presently, Google, Twitter, and Facebook are the main competitors when it comes to tapping the online video boom, including live videos. Read more on this article:

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